The Unofficial Archives of The Merlin Awards


Merlin Awards presented in 2009

CRISS ANGEL “Magician of the Decade” (2010-2020) March 7, Las Vegas Ref: Robin Leach
BAMBI VAN BURCH “Female Magician of the Decade” June 8, Branson Ref: Shepherd Gazette (Tony Hassini says it was never awarded)
JOE LABERO “Master Showman of the Decade” July 26-31 at FISM, China Ref: Press Release and email from Hassini (though the presentation never actually happened)
ASI WIND “Most Innovative Magic Show” July 27 Ref: Email
THE SPENCERS “Magicians of the Year” Oct, 2009 Ref: Spencers site
ANTONIO CASANOVA “Best Magician of the Year” Ref: Ticket Booking Site
DR ALLEN RAVINE “Gospel Magician of the Year” Ref: Testimonial
ARIAN BLACK “Female Magician of the Year” Ref: Arian Black site
KEITH BARRY “Mentalist of the Year” Jan 18, 2010, Dublin Ref: Keith Barry site
ALEX LEE “Illusionist of the Year” Ref: Wikipedia
J C SUM “Most Original Illusionist” Oct 6, 2009, Singapore Ref: Wikipedia
MAGIC BABE NING “Most Original Female Illusionist” Oct 6, 2009, Singapore Ref: Dixie Dooley site
LYN DILLIES “Best Female Illusionist” Nov 1 Ref: Collins Center For the Arts
CHRISTIAN FARLA “Best International Magic Show” Ref: Christian Farla site
JOHN TAYLOR “Stage Show of the Year” Ref: Email from Tony Hassini
PETER VALANCE “Best Magic Show” Feb 1, Berlin Ref: Online PR
ANTONIO RESTIVO “Best New Show” Ref: I Go Shows
FLORIAN ZIMMER “Best Contemporary Magician” Ref: Wikipedia
TORA “Best Designer and First Producer of Magic Items” June 12, Istanbul Ref: Tora site
KUBILAY ‘QB’ TUNCER “Best Stage and Cabaret Magician” June 12, Istanbul Ref: Hurriyet Daily News
SELIM BASARIR “Best Magical Mentor of the Year” June 12, Istanbul Ref: YouTube
SIMON LOVELL “Longest Running One Man Off Broadway Show” Ref: Simon Lovell site
STEVE DACRI “Close Up Magician of the Year” Ref: Las Vegas Hilton site
BORIS WILD “Most Original Close Up Magician” May 5, Paris Ref: Boris Wild site
JEFF HOBSON “Best Comedy Magician” Ref: Jeff Hobson site
BRETT DANIELS “Entertainer of the Year” Aug 28, Myrtle Beach Ref: iTricks
THROWDINI “Excellence in the Impalement Arts” April 13, New York Ref: Press Release
PAT FALLON “Family Magic Show of the Year” Sep 4 Ref: Irish Magic News
THE GREAT CAHYO “Best Bizarre Magician” Sep Ref: Blog
‘TITO CRIS’ CASTRO “Excellence in the Art of Magic” Sep 23 Ref: Blog
SOS & VICTORIA “Fastest Quick Change Act in the World” Ref: Sos site
SOS PETROYSAN JR “Youngest Professional Magician in the World” Ref: Sos Jr site
CRISS ANGEL MAGIC SET “Best Magic Kit” (Not actually a Merlin, according to Tony Hassini, but a certificate) Sep Ref: iTricks

Joe Labero and his Merlin Award

VIDEO CLIP: Keith Barry interviewed on TV after winning Merlin Award

VIDEO CLIP: J C Sum and Magic Babe Ning receiving their Merlin Awards

Peter Valance and his Merlin Award

VIDEO CLIP: News report of Peter Valance winning his Merlin Award

VIDEO CLIP: Selim Basarir receiving The Merlin Award

VIDEO CLIP: Boris Wild receiving his Merlin Award in Paris

VIDEO CLIP: Throwdini receiving his Merlin Award in New York