The Unofficial Archives of The Merlin Awards


Merlin Awards presented in 2008

CRISS ANGEL “Magician of the Year” Feb 14, Luxor Atrium Ref: Criss Angel site
GERRY McCAMBRIDGE “Mentalist of the Year” Aug 25, Las Vegas Ref: Vegas News and AboutMagic
ARIAN BLACK “Female Magician of the Year” Ref: Arian Black site
BAMBI VAN BURCH “Female Magician of the Year” July 1, Branson Ref: Van Burch site
SCARLETT “Female Illusionist of the Year” Oct 31, Las Vegas Ref: Robin Leach
STEVE DACRI “Close Up Magician of the Year” Ref: Steve Dacri site
JOHN TAYLOR “Illusionist of the Year” Ref: John Taylor Facebook Fan Page and Press
SOS & VICTORIA “Fastest Quick Change Act in the World” Ref: SOS site
STOIL & EKATERINA “Best Quick Change Act for 2008” Ref: World Championships of Performing Arts
DIXIE DOOLEY “30 Years of Exceptional Magic” Ref: Dixie Dooley site
MAGIC AT THE EDGE “Best Magic Show” Ref: Las Vegas Sun
ANTONIO CASANOVA “Best Magician in the World” Ref: Wikipedia
JORGOS “Best Stage Magician” Ref: YouTube
JASON BYRNE “Best Cabaret Magician” May 29, Las Vegas Ref: Claire Voyant
NATHAN BURTON “Best Comedy Magician” June 25, Las Vegas Ref: Magic Newsire
BRETT DANIELS “Entertainer of the Year” August 28, Myrtle Beach Ref: iTricks
ROB LAKE “International Stage Magician of the Year” May 18, Branson Ref: Rob Lake site
PERRY MAYNARD “Best Magic Shop” Ref: Youtube
NICHOLAS LIOTATIS “Best Young Magician Ref: Nicholas Liotatis site

Criss Angel and his Merlin Award

Gerry McCambridge and his Merlin Award

VIDEO CLIP: Gerry McCambridge receiving Merlin Award

Stoil & Ekaterina and their Merlin Award

VIDEO CLIP: Dixie Dooley receives his Merlin Awards

Jeff McBride and his Merlin Award

VIDEO CLIP: Jorgos receives his Merlin Award

Nathan Burton & Jason Byrne

VIDEO CLIP: Dixie Dooley presents Perry Maynard with his Merlin Award